Our Values

Three balanced values.  Three service goals.  One Firm.

Most accountants are good bean counters.  But rarely are only beans involved.  What if life gives you lentils, or carob or clover instead of plain old beans?  Who can you turn to when your bowl of legumes becomes complicated and more than you can or want to handle?

At Three Jewels, we don't just talk about value; we deliver.  Our clients thrive because we offer so much more than just bean counting.  We listen carefully and address your specific concerns.  We work through and beyond the numbers on the form, so you can reach your goals and spend your time on the things that are important to you. 

Precise Numbers

We diligently apply attention to detail, skill and experience to give you confidence in your numbers and the best advantage to make informed decisions. 

Proactive Preparation

The most common reason new clients seek out our firm and stay, is our commitment to being proactive.  We offer mindful tax preparation and bring items to your attention even if you haven't asked.  

Personal Relationship

We are relationship oriented, client centered, involved and caring.  We want to get to know you so we understand what is important to you.  Without a relationship, taxes and accounting are boring at best.  Focusing on what is important to you is what makes tax and accounting interesting, exciting and fun.  We are here to help you succeed; celebrating with you along the way as we become friends and trusted advisors.